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Fuck of Death

Hier mal n Anfang von nem Death Metal Song,
inspiriert durch Cannibal Corpse.

I loved her eyes, they paralized me,
i've taken my knife and set them free,
i fucked her cunt, she was so wet,
and she bleeded for me until she was dead,
Gave her a cumshot in her Face so fast,
tied her on her lovely single-bed,
crushed her nose when i fucked her mouth,
tears fell down like rain from clouds,
but it was her special christmas day,
so my darling closed her eyes, whisperd my
name and for the last time tried to pray.

I tried to hate you,
hate was so true,
your dead body fucked,
a knife that stucked,
inside of our hearts,
but it won't hurt,
until we were dead,
you were found in bed,
fucked, raped and killed,
and i killed my self,
just for the thrill!

25.1.06 16:10

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