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Every time I am alone and I'm sitting in my room,
the walls are depressing me, announcing my doom,
my tears are drying out and my laughing hushed,
and what ever I desired is not what I ever got.

I can not turn the time and now I only can remember,
I'm fucked by depressions and I seethe with anger,
what determines my life, determines my selfhate,
what's controlling my mind, and destroys my fate?

Last night all my demons raise, I hurted my self,
but no one heared my cry, and no one came to help,
every second i'm falling, and everyone let me fall,
but it is wrong to think, that bad weeds grow tall!

Perhaps my time is over and I'm looking for an end,
believe me I really tried, but failed to be a man,
cause I never could forget, the child deep in my soul,
which don't need a big carrer, I only need a home.

23.1.07 03:38

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