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Our Hate

In the dawn of rage, in the time of hate,
no place for so called humanity,
out of my mind, feelings from that kind,
which are called strong insanity.

You're some kind of the scum of the earth,
a piece of shit that makes my mind disturbed,
a man who make me feel this engrained hate,
who shows me to take a knife and be your fate!

Now The time is near and your demons raise,
with homicidal steel and an hatefull cry,
and there's no more place for your excuse,
before the fun is over you'll get buried alive!

You lay in the ground, think about your life,
much was so wrong, but what was rather right,
could you avert whats now happening to you,
you can squirm and writhe but this end is true!

23.1.07 03:39

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